From Roseville With Love - Pray for the team!


Pastor John Nelson and a team of 20 from Metro are in New Jersey serving Jesus by serving the victims of Super Storm Sandy. Please pray that each of the team members will be vessels of the grace and compassion of Jesus as they help rebuild what was destroyed, and that they will be directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring the hope of the Gospel.

You can join them by praying for:

  • Nearness to Jesus and freshness in the Word. 
  • Sweetness of fellowship and Unity of the Spirit in the team. 
  • Physical health and strength.
  • Emotional strength as they are away from home and loved ones and as they come face to face with broken lives. 

The team members serving in New Jersey are:

  1. Alina Sanson
  2. Andrew Ottinger
  3. Barbra Jones
  4. Dan  McIntire
  5. Jr David Auble
  6. Donn Neher
  7. Erik Werner
  8. Halie Schaefer
  9. JoAnn Auble
  10. John  Nelson
  11. Jonathan Sanson
  12. Joshua  Brown
  13. Kayla Werner
  14. Lynn Boudreau
  15. Maurice Munoz
  16. Michael Boudreau
  17. Mijo Munoz
  18. Paul Boudreau
  19. Randy Krigbaum
  20. Steve Neher
  21. Tim Schaefer
  22. Ty  Medina