Food Pantry Needs

Help us refill the food pantry!  We can accept and non-perishable good, the items of greatest need are listed below.
  1. Penut Butter (Laura Scudders)
  2. Jam (not preserves)
  3. Snacks (Graham Crackers, Ritz, Snack potato chips, fruit snacks, lunch snack cookies)
  4. Pancake Mix
  5. Salad Dressing
  6. Juice 
  7. Flour Tortillas
  8. Corn Tortillas
  9. Cream of Chicken Soup
  10. Frozen Peas
  11. Frozen Corn
  12. Frozen Mixed Vegetables
  13. 16oz Cans of Refried Beans
  14. Chicken Broth