Breaking Through Conference


April 27: 9:00am-3:00pm (Doors open 8:30am)

Ladies register today for the Breaking Through conference on April 27th! Come hear powerful testimonies from 6 women on the extreme issues facing today and special music from Holly Starr.  All ages are welcome. We will be having a number of gourmet food trucks coming for lunch, so be sure to bring extra money!

Six Breaking Through Speakers & Music by Holly Starr

Hannah Parks = Fatal

Living a life of complete chaos, I found myself in a multitude of unfathomable situations. Alcoholism and sexual promiscuity, with the same sex, only scratch the surface of what was once my reality.  From the darkness of strip clubs to the commotion of gang affiliation, I was no stranger to strife.  Yet, rather than death or imprisonment, I’m given breath to share with you an outcome that breaks the bounds of statistics.

Kelsey Stephen = There Must Be Blood

A young vibrant twelve year girl is who everyone saw, but I was just the opposite on the inside. I had a weight and a sadness I carried around with me every day and I had no idea why. I wanted so badly to fix the dull emptiness I felt but did not know how. I no longer wanted to feel alone or forgotten, but my voice was not strong enough to cry out.  One time, that is all it took for my life to spin out of control.  Before I could think twice, blood spilled from my body, to the carpet floor below me.  The drawing of my own blood began to bring feeling back to my body and reminded me that I was still here.  Little did I know that, THERE MUST BE BLOOD, just not my own!

Kristen Anderson = Suicide

“Everyone else seemed to be able to handle their burdens, the struggles of life, better than I could.  All I wanted was to be happy.  To have the perfect life I always thought I had when I was a kid.  But my arms grew tired of trying to holding my fantasy world together.  My gaze turned to 2 railroad tracks on the edge of the park.  The first set of tracks was empty, the second set had a cluster of six cars.  I knew the cops wouldn’t be able to see me there.  If I ever wanted my life to end, this would be the chance.”  Hear Kristen’s powerful testimony of how the events of her life changed her and her family forever.  Someone was watching her … ever so closely!

Lisa Musil = No Turning Back

“Once I realized what I had done, there was no turning back.  I was broken.  I could never go back to undo what I had done.  Nothing would bring them back.  I lived my life one continual pursuit after another.  Trying to numb the pain.  A taste of Hollywood, then diving into alcohol, drugs and a promiscuous life.  Just trying … trying to forget.  Then my pursuit led me to One who knew about it all.”

Kelly Vegas – Starved

We live in a world today obsessed with being thin.  Everywhere you look you are bombarded with ads on weight loss and super models glorifying their waif like bodies.  Growing up as a teen in Southern California my emotions were too painful to endure as my life was spinning out of control.  The only thing I could control was my food and my weight.  I started to starve to numb my feelings and I became obsessed with being thin.  Anorexia brought me comfort in my pain.  It provided a sense of security in my chaotic family.  It numbed all my feelings and gave me a false sense of control.  Anorexia made me feel like I was invincible.  It became my everything.

I found myself in the grips of its deadly control.  I starved myself down to deadly weight and at 16 I found myself in the hospital after suffering a heart attack.  Yet that wasn’t enough to stop me from starving.  Suddenly I found myself in a battle of choosing to live or to die.

Michele Garvin – One Day One Choice

Hear about one seemingly, harmless choice Michele made and in one day her life was changed forever.  One day, one choice … a life devastated bringing darkness despair & death.  Another day another choice … brought forgiveness healing and abundant life.  Watch and hear Michele’s testimony!  God, through her, is amazing!

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