The Church today needs men and women who are grounded in God’s Word, filled with God’s love, spiritually deep and eager to serve. At EQUIP, we believe it is vital for people to be trained and equipped to live for God with their head, hear and hands. I believe that EQUIP School of Theology and Discipleship occupies a unique place in God’s church today, and is being used by the Lord to raise a generation of healthy servant-leaders.

Perhaps you’re a graduating high school student who is wisely considering investing nine months of your life in the Word of God before committing to a certain college. Maybe you’re a graduating college student who is choosing to come under the influence of Scripture for an extended period before selecting a particular career path. It could be that you’re at a crossroads in life, and would greatly benefit from the spiritual nourishment and solid Biblical training offered at the School of Theology and Discipleship. I am confident that whoever you are, your experience at EQUIP will impact and pay spiritual dividends in your life for many years to come. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey with Christ, we at EQUIP would love to serve you and point you toward Jesus!

As a student, you will experience a dynamic blend of quality training which aims at shaping your mind and heart for the Lord. During this time, you will survey every book of the Bible, study the great themes of Scripture, gain the skills to properly handle and interpret the Bible and learn key principles and truths about walking with Jesus.

In addition to the spiritual learning that characterizes the school, you will also enjoy a rich sense of community at EQUIP as we study and serve in God’s Kingdom together. Through studying and serving together, discussing different questions and presuppositions and sharpening one another’s minds and hearts, you will establish beautiful lifetime friendships with your fellow classmates.

Finally, you will gain experience in ministry as you serve in practical and spiritual ways throughout the year. Your experience at EQUIP may also include either a short-term mission trip abroad, or a two-week Bible tour of Israel. Truly, after completing our nine-month school, you will have a solid spiritual and Biblical foundation on which to build the rest of your life. You’ll be forever changed for God’s glory!




Below you can find some of our most popular resources.  If you are interested in being part of Equip in the future please feel free to look into our student handbook for a greater understanding of what takes place throughout the year, or download the application and reference forms to begin the application process. Thank you!

Finance & Admissions

Application Fee and Deadline

We are currently accepting new applications! A $35 non-refundable application fee is to be included with your application.

  • Deadline to apply is August 1.
  • Classes Begin September 16!

Course Tuition

Yearly Cost: $2,000 (not including books)

Tuition for entire year split into two terms. Each term costs $1,000. Books and mission trips throughout the course will have additional cost. See Handbook for more detailed payment information and tuition due dates.



Chris Cross

Pastor and missionary, God has used Chris in just about every aspect of ministry; from assisting, to leading, to planting, and even as a grounds keeper. Chris is currently an assistant pastor at Metro Calvary and the Director of the EQUIP School of Theology and Discipleship.


  • Old Testament Survey 101  
  • New Testament Survey 102 
  • Life of Jesus 301 
  • Romans 202 
  • Systematic Theology 402

Jasmine Alnutt

Jasmine served as Dean of Women at Calvary Chapel Bible College before serving in London, England, as a missionary. Jasmine currently assists with the women's ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and teaches classes at CCCM Bible College.  


  • Church History 501 
  • Missionary Biographies 502


Baron Harris

A graduate from Moody Bible Institute, Baron is currently an instructor at both CCCM School of Ministry and Veritas Evangelical Seminary.  He holds a M-Div from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


  • Apologetics 503  
  • Bible Interpretation 504

John Hwang

Answering the call of God upon his life at the age of 15, John has been used by God as a pastor, teacher, church planter and missionary on 3 continents.  Just recently returning from being oversees for 10 years, John is currently the Dean of Calvary Chapel Bible College Costa Mesa.


  • Acts 201

John Nelson

John Nelson serves as an assistant pastor and Young Marrieds pastor at Metro Calvary in Roseville, CA. He enjoys being married to his wife Taylre, and being dad to Olivia, Roman and Sophia. Prior to assisting at Metro, John served as a youth pastor in Huntington Beach, CA at Beach Cities Calvary Chapel for seven years.


  • Systematic Theology 401
  • Pauline Epistles (Pastoral/Prison) 203

Course Descriptions

Old Testament Survey 101 -Survey of the Biblical books of Genesis through Malachi with emphasis upon the message, major themes, structure, and distinctive features.

New Testament Survey 102 - Survey of the Biblical Books of Matthew through Revelation with emphasis upon the message, major themes, structure and distinctive features.

Acts 201 - We will be looking at the characteristic work of the Holy Spirit in the early church.  How God chose to partner with ordinary men to accomplish the extraordinary.  We will specifically focus on the key teaching principles of what it means to be an authentic Christian in an unauthentic world.

Romans 202 - An expositional Study through the book of Romans, emphasizing the central themes of the love and grace of God, His sovereignty, the finished work of jesus Christ, the depravity of man, justification by faith, sanctification through unity with Christ and life in the Holy Spirit.

Pauline Epistles (Pastoral/Prison) 203 - An exposition and survey of the Pauline and Pastoral Epistles, stressing the key cultural, historical, doctrinal and practical themes.  Special emphasis will be given to issues of ministry in contexts of physical and doctrinal adversity.

Life of Jesus 301 - We will be taking an in-depth look at the life and ministry of Jesus focusing specifically on His relationship with God the Father and how that translated interaction with people.  We will focus on the missionmethod and message of Jesus.

Systematic Theology 401 - Survey of Christian doctrine, emphasizing a systematic approach to studying the essential teachings of the Christian faith as revealed in God’s Holy word.  This section will focus on Bibliology and Theology Proper (ie: character and nature of God).

Systematic Theology 402 - Survey of Christian doctrine, emphasizing a systematic approach to studying the essential teachings of the Christian faith as revealed in God’s Holy word.  This section will focus on Christology, Soteriology and Pneumatology.

Church History 501 - This will be an overview of the major events, doctrines, and people who were used in the development of the Christian Church. For our format, we will be dividing church history into seven distinct time periods and note how they correspond to the descriptions of the seven churches of the book of Revelation. It is in light of this parallel that we will consider the church’s doctrine and practice, as well as the political and social climates which shaped them.

Missionary Biographies 502 - This course will explore the lives of various well-known Christian missionaries in history, particularly those of the “Great Century of Missions,” the 1800s.  In each class we will take an in-depth look at the life and ministry of a different missionary in order to draw out practical life lessons as well as develop a greater perspective of ministry on the mission field.

Apologetics 503 -  Apologists is simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith based on historical evidence, philosophical arguments, scientific investigation, and arguments from other disciplines.  We will focus our study on the four modes or functions of Apologetics, namely:  vindication or proof, defense, refutation, and persuasion; with the goal of not just persuading non-believers to accept the truth claims about Christ, but to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Bible Interpretation 504 - Study of the foundational principles of Biblical interpretation and application of these principles in actual Bible study.  We will become familiar with the philosophy of Biblical interpretation, research, techniques, and key reference tools that can be implemented in order to assist you in Biblical interpretation.